Tour Guide Systems

Sennheiser tour guide systems

Sennheiser 2020-D tourguide system transmitters and receivers in charger/storage case

The Sennheiser 2020-D was the world first digital tour guide system when it replaced the worlds best selling Sennheiser Infoport tour guide system in 2007. This system has 6 channels which enables up to 6 transmitters (or 8 channels with installed transmitters) to be used simultaneously with a range of up to 100m.

The receivers are available either as a Stethoset or bodypack type.The Stethoset version is unique to Sennheiser and is the most popular. Each receiver has an LCD that clearly displays the reception quality, battery status, volume level and channel selected. The bodypack version shares the same features as the Stethoset version but has a jack socket to enable either an earphone or headphones to be used. Click here for more information!

Williams Sound tour guide systems

Williams Sound Digi-Wave transceivers with charger transport case

The Digi-Wave system comprises of transceivers and receivers, and can operate in one-way or two-way communication. Each transceiver can transmit as well as receive the audio enabling the user to fully participate in the proceedings (with a maximum of four microphones live at any time). The main guide’s transceivers can be set up as master units so they can have priority to interrupt at any time. Up to four groups can run simultaneously in two-way mode (and 14 channels in one-way mode). Click here for more information! 

Listen Technologies tour guide system

Listen Technologies ListenTALK two-way tour guide system with transceivers, headset and ear speakers with a charger transport case

The ListenTALK system comprises of transceivers for the whole tour group allowing one-way or two-way communication. Any transceiver can be set up as a leader to enable up to two tour guides to control the proceedings. Up to two microphones can be live per group and up to ten unlimited sized groups can operate together. A wide range of accessories are available from single earphones to dual-muff noise reduction headsets. Click here for more information!

Beyerdynamic tour guide systems

Beyer tour guide system transmitter and receivers in charger/storage case

The Beyerdynamic Synexis tour guide system has an extensive range of components, so a system can be configured to suit any scenario. Transmitters are available as handheld, bodypack with microphone or installation. Receivers are of bodypack design. Each unit has a OLED screen that displays the channel and battery status. This system has 18 channels (8 of which can be used simultaneously). Charging and storage solutions are available to suit any size system.  Click here for more information!

AXIWI tour guide systems

AXIWI tour guide system with transceivers and storage case

The AXIWI tour guide system can be operated as a one-way or two-way tour guide system. The bodypack style transceivers are smallest available and are so light they can be clipped direct to clothing. Up to four groups can run simultaneously with up to 6 live microphones per group. Click here for more information!

Tourtalk tour guide systems

Tourtalk tour guide systems

The Tourtalk TT 40 tour guide system is exceptional value for money. This system has 40 channels (12 of which can be used simultaneously). The transmission range is up to 120m. There is a wide range of accessories for the bodypack style transmitters and receivers to suit most applications. A group and channel lock function ensure a reliable system for the duration of the tour.  Click here for more information!

Mipro tour guide systems

Mipro tour guide system transmitter and receivers in charger caseThe Mipro MTG-100 digital tour guide system enables up to four transmitters can be used simultaneously with a range of 100m (line of sight). The transmitters and receivers are charged/stored in 12 or 28 unit carry cases. Each unit has an LCD that displays the RF, battery status, selected channel and volume. Click here for more information!

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