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Sennheiser tour guide systems for hire

We have a large hire stock of tour guide systems, with over a thousand receivers and up to 32 channels so we cater for any event from a small VIP tour to a large factory open day!

Our tour guide systems are very easy to operate with no previous experience. Each system is tested, charged and supplied with instructions, so is ready to use straight out of the box.

Tour guide system in flightcase for hire

What is a tour guide system?

A tour guide system is a portable wireless system used to aid communication from a presenter to a group of people. A typical system comprises a compact microphone transmitter for the presenter, wireless receiver headsets for the listeners and a charger/transport case.

Where are tourguide systems used?

Tour guide systems are used anywhere it is difficult for a group of people to hear a presenter. This may be due to distance, background noise or not wanting to disturb other people.

Common uses are-

Guided tours around noisy environments such around an industrial manufacturing plant. The tour guide doesn’t have to compete with distracting and annoying background noise to be heard by the tour group.

Guided tours of quiet spaces such as Museums/Art galleries or historical sites.
The tour guide can whisper into the microphone without disturbing other people in the area and the tour group can adjust their personal volume of their device, so they don’t have to strain to hear. The tour guide can also play a pre-recorded music/commentary into the system, if required.

Simultaneous interpretation for multi-lingual meetings/conferences.
Each interpreter can whisper the translated message into their allocated language. The delegates can choose which interpreter they want to hear by selecting the appropriate channel on their receiver.

Radio aid system to assist people that are hard-of-hearing.
A presenter can speak directly into a transmitter e.g. Classroom, or a transmitter can be connected to a venues sound system e.g. Theatre.  The person that is hard-of-hearing can either connect an earphone, headphones, or (if a hearing aid wearer) a neck loop to their receiver to hear.

Audio description system to assist blind or partially sighted people.
A describer can speak directly into a microphone transmitter or a transmitter can be connected to a venues sound system e.g. sports ground. The person that is blind or partially sighted can hear the action being described at a comfortable level by using a receiver.

Silent Conference is a busy exhibition hall.
A presenter can speak directly into a transmitter without straining their voice. Multiple presentations can take place in the same hall by using a different channel on each transmitter. The audience can listen to their presentation in crystal clear audio by selecting the required channel on their receiver.

Why hire a system?

Hiring a system can be a cost-effective solution for very occasional use. Many clients who hire then decide to purchase a system after experiencing the many benefits it brings to a tour. For regular events, clients normally purchase a system and then hire in additional systems for special events. e.g. International product launch, Annual conference, etc.

We have many tour guide systems from different manufactures available in our hire stock. Please contact us for free impartial advice on the most suitable and cost-effective system for your event.

Our most popular systems are the Sennheiser 2020-D tour guide system, Listen Technologies ListenTALK system and Tourtalk tour guide systems.

Sennheiser 2020-D tour guide systems

Two types of receiver are available for hire-

Sennheiser Stethoset tour guide receivers in charger for rental

The unique Stethoset receivers are a one-piece design and are very easy to use. The user simply opens the arms and places the ear bows on the ears to switch the receiver on. They can then select the channel and adjust the volume using the controls on the front of the receiver.

Sennheiser EK 2020-D II tour guide receivers in a charger for rentThe Bodypack receivers have the same controls as the Stethoset receivers but have a 3.5mm jack socket. These receivers are supplied with lanyards and either earphones, single earphones or neckband headphones (which can be used over earplugs and with head protection). Induction loops (to assist hearing aid wearers) are also available.

Two types of transmitter are available for hire

Sennhesier SK 2020-D Tourguide transmitter with head mic for UK hireThe bodypack transmitter with headband microphone is ideal for hands-free use. It also has an Aux input to enable an mp3 player/smartphone to feed the system.

Sennheiser SKM 2020-D hand microphone transmitter for UK hire

The handheld microphone transmitter can easily be passed between users, making it ideal for multiple presenters or visitor interaction, such as question and answer sessions, interviews, etc.

Up to 6 transmitters (channels) can be used simultaneously. There is no limit to the quantity of receivers used per channel.

For more information on the digital Sennheiser 2020-D tour guide system-click here!

Listen Technologies Listentalk two-way tour guide systems

ListenTALK two-way tour guide system for hire

The transceivers enable full group participation between the guide and the visitors as each person can speak to and hear each other. The tour leader’s transceiver has priority to interrupt at any time so they can maintain control of the proceedings.

Each system can operate as a single group or be split into smaller groups.

A range of headsets are available.

For more information on the two way Listen Technologies ListenTALK tour guide system-click here!

Tourtalk TT 40 tour guide systems

Tour guide system with headphoes for rent within UK

The bodypack receivers are available with either earphones or headphones.

The bodypack transmitter is supplied with a selection of microphones; a lapel microphone (for hands-free use), headband microphone (for hands-free use in noisy/windy areas) or a plug-in microphone (to be handheld and passed between participants for interviews, Q and A’s, etc). An aux-in lead is also supplied, allowing music or pre-recorded commentary to be played during the tour.

Up to 12 transmitters (channels) can be used simultaneously. There is no limit to the quantity of receivers used per channel.

For more information on the Tourtalk TT 40 tour guide system-click here!

Tour guide system with disposable earphones for UK rental

Tourtalk TT 100 tour guide systems

Tourtalk TT 100 tour guide system with headphones for hireThis system shares the same features of the Tourtalk TT 40 system with the advantage that up to two transmitters can operate on the same channel, which is ideal for two tour guides addressing the same tour group. Alternatively, a second transmitter can be used for interviews or questions during the tour or used to communicate to a separate tour group.

Up to 20 transmitters (channels) can be used simultaneously. There is no limit to the quantity of receivers used per channel.

For more information on the Tourtalk TT 100 tour guide system-click here!

Tourtalk TT 100 tour guide system with disposable earphones for hire

Other tour guide systems are also available. With a large rental stock and flexible packages, we have a solution to ensure you are heard on your next event. For a no obligation quotation and to check availability for the hire of a tour guide system please contact us.

We can arrange nationwide delivery and collection.

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