Listen Technologies LA-482 Docking Station 4

Listen Technologies LA-482 Docking Station 4

The Listen Technologies LA-482 is a 4-way desktop transceiver dock and charger for the ListenTALK two-way tour guide system.


General Description

The Listen Technologies LA-482 is a 4-way desktop transceiver dock and charger for the ListenTALK two-way tour guide system. Not only does it provide a simple and convenient way of charging and storing ListenTALK LK-1 transceivers, it also enables batch software programming.

Each of the four slots contains a tension lock to ensure a secure and reliable connection to the charging/programming contacts on the bottom of each transceiver.

A leader slot (identified as red) can be used to pair all participant transceivers with a leader transceiver. The ListenTALK leader transceiver is simply inserted into the leader slot and ListenTALK participant transceivers placed into the remaining slots. When the pair button is pressed the charger instantly syncs all the units to the leader’s group.

The LA-482 docking station can be securely mounted in a variety of ways depending on the installation needs.

The Listen Technologies LA-482 charger features USB type B connection allowing programming via ListenTALK Software Suite.

A status button allows all units to be checked instantly.


Programming, charging and storing up to 4 ListenTALK transceivers
Tension locking charging slots for reliable connection
Can be securely mounted dependant on installation needs
Programmable via ListenTALK Software Suite
Convenient storage of leader clips
Status and Pair buttons
Leader pocket for quick syncing of units

Delivery Includes

1 LA-482 ListenTALK Docking Station 4
1 LA-210 Power Supply
1 LPT-A110 USB Computer Interface Cable

Technical Data

Tray Colour: Black, Chrome Buttons, Red Leader Pocket
Dimensions (H x W x D):50 x 192 x 150 mm
Unit Capacity: 4 Units
Unit Weight: 0.66 kg
Power Supply Input: 100 - 240VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power Supply Output: 12 VDC, 4.0 A, 48 W
Power Supply Connector: 5.5 mm OD x 2.3 mm ID, barrel type
Power Cord: 182.9 cm Input Power Cord, 109.3 cm Output Cord
Connection/s: USB type B
Connection/s: Power
Standards: UL, CE, RCM, RoHS, WEEE


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