Audio description tour guide system

Wireless tour guide systems are ideal for audio description to assist partially sighted or blind people.

What is an audio description system?

An audio description system is used to describe an event to individuals, often partially sighted or blind. The system is perfect for the performing arts such as theatre and dance, or for live commentary at sporting events.

Audio describer using handheld tourguide system transmitter                    Visually impaired supporters using audio description tour guide system


How does it work?

Example 1
In a theatre the wireless receivers are handed out to partially sighted/blind audience members. A narrator uses a microphone to provide additional commentary of the production e.g. describing body language, expressions and movements. This gives the system users more information about the things they might not be able to see, enabling them to visualise the scene and follow the proceedings.

Example 2
At a rugby match partially sighted/blind supporters are issued with a receiver before kick-off. A commentator uses a wireless microphone to describe the action. An auxiliary input also enables the connection of the Referee microphone, or another audio source to simultaneously feed the system. The user can then experience the atmosphere of the stadium and keep up with the action as it unfolds.


Setup in seconds and easy to use
Licence free wireless technology
Multiple channels
Can be used indoors or outdoors
Up to 100m range
Compact and easily portable
Neck loop receiver options for hearing aid wearers

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 Tour guide system used for audio description

Example of a portable audio description system for theatres