Language and Interpretation tour guide systems

Tour guide systems are ideal for portable simultaneous interpretation systems and have been used for many years for bilingual meetings in countries such as Wales. Multiple channels enable up to 32 languages to be translated simultaneously for international conferences.

Wireless tour guide systems are ideal for simultaneous interpretation applications                    Wireless RF translation equipment example


Due to the wireless design, portable tour guide systems can be setup within minutes of arriving at a venue. The interpreter simply hears what is said in the meeting/conference and whispers the translation into the transmitter microphone. The delegates then hear this translated message instantly without disturbing others.

Delegate using tour guide system for simultaneous interpretation at a conference

Tour guide systems are also used for university classes for foreign-language students. As tour guide systems can be used outdoors they can be used for campus tours or excursions.

Simultaneous interpretation system used outdoors

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 Example 1Multi-channel simultaneous interpretation system

 Example 2

Portable sim-tran system example