Two-way tour guide systems

Two-way full-duplex communication systems allow tour guides and participants to fully communicate with each other during a tour allowing for the best experience possible. These systems allow the tour group to talk to and be heard by each other; making it more convenient for interviews or question and answer sessions.

Two-way tour guide systems

Each member of the tour group is supplied with a wireless transceiver and headset.

The tour guide’s transceiver has the ability to interrupt the others at any time to maintain control and ensure the tour runs smoothly.

A wide range of headsets are available to suit any environment, from a lightweight single ear to heavy duty noise reduction rated versions.

For applications where there are to multiple presenters that need to speak simultaneously to a tour group, but the audience is not required to speak back, then a system can be supplied with a mixture of transceivers and receivers.

We are dealers for the following two-way communication systems-

ListenTALK from Listen Technologies

Digi-Wave from Williams Sound

TT 200 and TT 300 from Tourtalk


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Two way tour guide system