Wireless tour guide systems for places of worship

Make sure your congregation can hear with a tour guide system

Assistive Listening

Tour guide system used to assist hearing impaired visitors   Members of the congregation collecting their tour guide system receiver   Tour guide system receivers with charger

Tour guide systems are ideal for hearing assistance in places of worship and listed buildings. With little or no installation, tour guide systems can be setup quickly with no impact to the buildings aesthetics. As the receivers don’t rely on line-of-sight transmission, the system can be used discreetly and cover large areas including balconies. 

Either headphones or personal induction loops can be plugged into the receivers to benefit all hearing impaired people.
Typically in a place of worship, a stationary base transmitter is used to broadcast the audio from the main sound system to hearing impaired individuals wearing bodypack receivers.

Language Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation system for church services

Multiple transmitters enable different languages and the floor language (to assist hearing impaired people) to be transmitted simultaneously.As communities become more culturally diverse, so does the need for simultaneous language interpretation in places of worship. The system enables the congregation to be integrated into the same church service.

Remote Monitoring/Wireless Audio Distribution

A self-powered speaker with a built-in receiver picks up the broadcast and the service can be heard in the remote room. There is also a stationary receiver/power amplifier available.

Here are a few applications using wireless audio distribution:

Creche/ Nursery
Foyers, front of church or parking lot
Choir room or vestry 
Overflow area (for special events)
Remote/detached buildings and other room

Tour Group

Tour guide system used for tours of places of worship

Touring the facility has become very popular for many places of worship. Often, visitors from the same faith or other faiths want to see the beautiful architecture of the building. Many buildings are so large and vast that the group has a very difficult time hearing the guide. Using a tour guide system the group can hear the leader without disturbing others.

Portable FM tour guide systems are ideal for:

Visitor tours
Mission tours
Youth group tours
Tours requiring language interpretation

Tour guide system used for assistive hearing in cathedral

Advantages of an FM tour guide system include:

Low installation and maintenance costs
Excellent sound quality
Wide broadcast area (no line-of-sight issues)
Will work indoors and out
Allow for multiple channels to be used simultaneously and can be used in fixed and portable applications
As many receivers as needed with no limit
Can be used for home groups, prayer meetings, open air services, church camps or away weekends.

For more information or for a quotation for a tour guide system, please do not hesitate to contact us.