Beyerdynamic Unite tour guide system

The Beyerdynamic Unite tour guide system has an extensive range of components so it can be configured to suit almost any scenario.

When speaking to a group of people it is essential that you can be heard. The Unite tour guide system makes this easy. With up to three live microphones per group, systems can be designed to allow two tour guides to address their tour group and the guests to speak back with any questions.

Beyerdynamic Unite tour guide system in use

The talkback function can be controlled by the tour guide so you can choose whether the guest’s comment/question is heard by just you or the whole tour group.
Beyerdynamic Unite TP transmitter with headsetUnite uses the latest DECT technology featuring digital licence-free encrypted transmission with automatic frequency management. Intelligent DSP (digital signal processor) algorithms adjust microphone sensitivity, noise-cancelling, noise gate and equaliser ensuring your guests can enjoy optimum speech intelligibility keeping the group focused on your message.
Beyerdynamic Unite RP-T receiver with headsetWith thirty-two groups with no group size limit and a range of up to three hundred meters, Unite systems can be expanded to cater for even the largest events.

Beyerdynamic Unite tour guide system example

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Beyerdynamic Unite tour guide system brochure