Planning a new guided tour

If you are planning a new tour, it is good practice to have a rehearsal before the event to ensure it runs smoothly on the big day and your guests receive a memorable experience. Common things to check are that the route is safe, accessible should you have any guests with mobility problems and suitable for the size of the tour group....


How to get the best from your tour guide system

Tour guide systems enable you to provide professional and effective communication with guests. As with any technology, it is important the system is used correctly according to the event. Prior to an event it is advisable to familiarise yourself with the equipment to ensure that it is configured and set up correctly to avoid any....


Using tour guide systems in noisy environments

When conducting a tour of a manufacturing facility or having a staff meeting in a busy warehouse, it is essential that everybody can hear. Clear communication is critical to ensure a safe, efficient and professional experience.
By selecting the correct tour guide system, the most suitable accessories and using it correctly, everybody....