Two-way communication headsets for a covid-secure workplace

Staff using wireless two-way headsets with masks

As it is now clear Coronavirus is here to stay (at least for the immediate term with new variants such as Delta and Omicron), businesses must continue to operate and keep staff safe and well by adjusting working practices to ensure a covid-secure workplace.

Wireless two-way headsets can allow staff to speak to each other from a safe distance (eliminating face-to-face contact), even when wearing a mask or face shield.

We stock a wide range of systems to assist any business. Common uses are:

• Wireless hands-free full-duplex two-way headsets for staff induction/training during increased staff absences.

• Wireless headsets for hybrid (online and onsite) management walk through meetings that can tour the business premises, indoors and outdoors.

• Open discussions between work colleagues on production lines at manufacturing sites.

• Site tours that allow company representatives to speak to visitors whilst social distancing and allow visitors to ask questions.

• Simultaneous interpretation for meetings with foreign guests.

Each person is issued with a transceiver and headset that can be easily sanitised after each use. A wide range of headsets are available from lightweight single ear versions for quiet environments to heavy-duty versions that provide hearing protection.

If you would like advice on a suitable system to suit your organisation, environment and budget please contact us.

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