Tourtalk TT 21 Tour Guide System

Tourtalk TT 21 is a digital wireless one-way tour guide system that helps tour guides speak to their tour groups by overcoming background noise and distance. 

Tourtalk TT 21 tour group example

The system enables up to two tour guides to speak at a comfortable level, ensuring they are clearly heard. The system has 42 channels and up to 15 separate tour groups can operate within the same environment, with no limit to the size of each group.  

Tourtalk TT 21-T bodypack transmitter and TT 21-R earphone receiver

The Tourtalk TT 21-T transmitter has an integrated microphone, audio input socket, mute switch, LCD screen and features wireless channel syncing. Two transmitters can operate on the same channel enabling two tour guides to address the same tour group. Alternatively, the main tour guide can use one transmitter and pass the other transmitter to the group for interviews, questions, or even provide simultaneous interpretation (for any foreign guests), ensuring everyone hears the message. The Channel sync function enables the transmitter to wirelessly sync its channel to a batch of receivers. 

Tourtalk TT 21-R single earphone receiver front and rear view
 The compact Tourtalk TT 21-R receiver is integrated into a single earphone and only weighs 21g! This innovative device is issued to each member of the tour group to hear the tour guide(s). The receiver features a simple two button operation, and its universal design means that it can be used on the left or right ear. This ensures each user can hear the guides speech without feeling isolated from the local environment, as the other ear is exposed. The user can still experience the atmosphere but also remain aware of any potential dangers such as reversing vehicles in the area.

The cable-free one-piece receiver design reduces waste and saves money as there is no on-going costs of replacing earphones or headphones.
Tourtalk TT 21 one-way tour guide system

Both the transmitter and receivers have integrated rechargeable batteries for all day operation. The entire system is stored and recharged in an IP rated lightweight charger case, with retractable handle and wheels for easy transportation.

A wide range of accessories for the system can be found here.

Features of the Tourtalk TT 21 system include:

Integrated microphone on transmitter with mute switch
Lightweight receiver design – only 21g!
Wireless channel pairing
Channel locked for reliability
Advanced digital signal processing for a superior audio quality
Dual presenter mode
No limit to number of receivers per group
Crosstalk free from other systems
Transmitters and receivers save paired status ready for next use
Environmentally friendly cable-free receiver design
No on-going costs for earphones
Quick to distribute and collect receivers
Crystal clear sound
Easy to clean and sanitise earphone receivers
Easy operation with minimal controls for the user
Tourtalk’s most compact and lightweight system
42 Channels with up to 15 separate groups
All day battery life
Completely wireless so no installation is required
Wide range of microphones/accessories available

For more information on the Tourtalk TT 21 tour guide system please contact us.

Tourtalk TT 21 tour guide system