Tourtalk TT 300 tour guide system

The TT 300 system promotes interaction by allowing the tour guide to engage with their guests allowing them to fully participate in open conversation, ask any questions, or make comments. The tour guide can interrupt (and disable the talking rights) of the guests at any time to maintain control of the proceedings.

Two-way tour guide system example

The universal design enables any TT 300 to be set-up as a Master unit, Sub-Master unit or Listen unit.Tourtalk TT 300 full-duplex two-way tour guide system example
Master unit: Used by the tour guide (has priority function).
Sub-Master unit: Used by the guests to speak to the tour guide and the tour group (when the tour guide permits).
Listen unit: Used by any guests to hear only.

The lightweight and compact wireless transceivers enable up to six users to speak simultaneously with an unlimited number of users listening per group, in crystal-clear audio. Multiple independent groups can operate in parallel without any cross talk. For any private discussions, a closed group can be encrypted to stop others joining and hearing what is said.

Tourtalk TT 300 full-duplex two-way tour guide system headsets

A wide range of headsets are available to suit any environment from a city tour to an industrial plant tour.


Digital noise cancelling technology
One-way or full-duplex two-way communication
Selectable encryption for private and secure discussions
Any device can be a Master, Sub-Master or Listen only
Wireless channel sync
42 Channels
No limit to the size of each group
Channel lock for reliability
Backlit high contrast OLED display
Completely wireless with no base station
Up to 100m range
All day battery life
Illuminated talk button (latching or momentary PTT/PTM)
Adjustable microphone gain and RF power
Completely wireless so no installation is required
Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC)
Aux-in socket with audio priority
Wide range of accessories available

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Tourtalk TT 300 tour guide system

Tourtalk TT 300 two-way tour guide system package