Wireless tour guide systems for tourism

Make sure you are heard and provide your visitors with an unforgettable experience by using a wireless tour guide system.

Tourists using wireless tour guide equipment

Tour guide systems can be used indoors or outdoors, allowing tourists the freedom of movement while helping to keep the group together and focused. They also enable private tours by stopping other tourists from evesdropping!

Tour guide equipment used by tourists

Tour guides systems are are ideal for taking visitors or tourists around galleries, cathedrals or other noise-sensitive environments. The guide simply whispers into the inconspicuous microphone and the users adjust their own volume on the receivers so everybody hears comfortably without disturbing others. As tour guide systems are radio based wireless systems, they also work outdoors e.g. for castle tours, city tours, zoo tours or even theme parks.

Tour guide systems can also be used for-

 Tour guide systems can be used for bus tours

Bus trips, guided tours and shore excursions:

Tour guide systems offer you maximum flexibility. The system can be used wherever you wish to transmit information – be it on a bus, during subsequent guided city tours or on shore excursions from a cruise ship. The tour guide system is the ideal travel companion wherever you need support.

Tour guide system with pre-recorded commentary on boat trip

Multilingual sightseeing:

For open air boat trips or sight-seeing tours, commentary is often pre-recorded in several languages. The languages can be transmitted by a tour guide system and the visitor simply selects his or her language on their receiver. Alternatively the guides can use microphone transmitters to provide live description of the sites.

Tourtalk tour guide system being used outdoors at a site of historic interest

Tour guide systems are very easy to use without any prior experience of the equipment. Most systems are supplied in a charger/storage case. The tour guide simply removes the microphone transmitter and switches it on. The receivers are then distributed to the tourists. The tourists then select the appropriate channel and adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

When the tour has finished the receivers are collected and placed back into the charger/storage case ready for the next event.

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